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ГК МСота является широкопрофильным дистрибьютором цифровой техники и сопутствующих аксессуаров на рынке с 1998 года
Портфель ГК Мсота за последнее время существенно расширился, приняв в команду не только лидеров рынка категории GSM, но и топовые бренды категорий: Ecosystems, Smart Home, Электротранспорт.

Мы предлагаем:
Xiaomi – категории GSM и Ecosystems.
Huawei – категории Аксессуары и Smartwatch.
Blackview – категория GSM.
Ulephone – категория GSM.
VIVO – категории GSM и Аксессуары.
JBL – категория Audio.
JVC - категория Audio.
Anker – категории Аксессуары, Audio, Smart Home.
Shure – категория Audio.
Duracell – категория Аксессуары.
First Alert – категория Smart Home.
Airwheel – категория Электротранспорт.
Genesis – категория Gaming.
Thomson - категория AV Аксессуары.
Кроме того, наш портфель включает востребованный ассортимент продуктов бренда Nobby, в категории GSM и Аксессуары, и бренда BB, в категории Аксессуары, представленными эксклюзивно в ГК Мсота.

Наши партнеры

Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

We deliver goods over the whole Russian territory, having as our partners TOP 5 largest logistics operators and transport companies. Developing an individual logistic structure for each client, we are able to make up and maintain your stock reserves through 24 hour door to door delivery. We appreciate working with each of our clients whether it is a big or small company. It is possible for our clients to settle the order payments both with and without fundraising instruments (credit, factoring or bills of credit).

Want to know more? Contact us and get your personal manager who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Advantages of working with us

Только сертифицированный товар

Only certified goods

All the goods you purchase with us are certified and can obtain after-sale service in many service centers and points all over the Russian territory. When you buy any our product you get all documents needed for retail, including proof of origin and right of sales on the Russian territory; all documents fully according to the laws in place.
Transparent working terms

Transparent working terms

Distinct and clear working terms ensure long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients. Working with a personal manager, our partners can always choose an optimum combination of business terms and conditions with regard to all possible financial, marketing, logistic and other factors.
Logistic execution

Logistic execution

To provide high sales level it is very important always to have goods available on the shelves. We can deliver your order within 24 hours door to door (upon release from our warehouse), so that you could always have an optimum quantity of on-shelf goods and stock resources. Your personal manager will help you make up a flexible and convenient delivery schedule.
After-sale service

After-sale service

The goods we distribute can obtain after-sale service in a large number of service centers all over the Russian territory, with a well-organized and well-run system of working with defective products (both on the stages of presale and after-sale). If you have any questions, your personal manager will always be ready to advise on them and offer possible solution.
Goods availability

Goods availability

Relevant restocking requires not only timely logistics, but also constant availability of goods at the supplier’s warehouses. Always trying to meet our client’s needs, we ensure regular availability of the product mix our clients require. Furthermore, together with your personal manager you can always calculate, plan and pre-order the goods needed for the forthcoming period.

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